Who are the people behind a brand name? Who are the scientists behind research and development? Who gives nameless workers a face?

I put them in the spotlight in a sensitive and professional way.

Gebhard Krewitt, photographer

One example is my photographic essay on New Zealand apple growers who produce fruit that is sold all over the world with the label "Grown in New Zealand".

I pursue themes with an intercultural background - especially in my ''free'' works, which are shown frequently at exhibitions in New Zealand and internationally.

In 2015 I was nominated for the Global Peace Photo Award for my project marking the centenary of the beginning of the First World War. I photographed Nelson and the surrounding countryside - a place of early German settlement - and its connections to the war. This project was named re:enactment.

I was born and raised in Burgsteinfurt, Westphalia and studied art and history at various universities in Germany. After graduating, I began my career in 1987 as a freelance photographer and member of the photography agency VISUM in Hamburg.

Through numerous commissions for agencies and magazines, I became especially interested in people in the workplace.

The Spiegel magazine editorial office calls me when a New Zealand portrait is sought.

Business photography, including portraits of employees or illustrations for corporate publishing have been my main focus for many years: employer branding photography with, for example, a focus on scientists in their workplace.

Through my commissioned work for print publications (Stern, Geo, Spiegel, Lufthansa Bordbuch, Volkswagen Magazin, Erco, and for Greenpeace, among others), I show that storytelling is what I do best. Especially if the work involves procedures that require visual explanation.

I live in Nelson, New Zealand. Most of my work is related to corporate communication - when I am not working on my own photographic projects.

For visual essays or long-term projects, or simply focusing on people at their workplace or elsewhere, I am your specialist.